Who We Are

Your cloud partner for improving the efficiency, reliability, security, and maintenance of your IT systems while lowering the overall costs and redirecting your resources to focus on what moves your business forward.

Airnet Group, Inc. (Airnet) is an IT professional and managed services provider and Gold Microsoft Cloud Partner located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We serve several industries across the country and specialize in cloud-based IT needs by providing Professional Services, Managed Services, and Cloud Consulting. 

What We Do

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IT Professional Services

Airnet offers services around cloud and infrastructure such as low-cost proof of concept projects, IT infrastructure assessments, cloud migration, system architecture, process automation and more. They are all designed to ensure you are getting the full benefit of the cloud while reducing your costs and increasing performance and efficiency.

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IT Managed Services

Airnet offers Managed Services if you lack the resources or time needed to execute certain IT services effectively. We can manage your infrastructure (cloud, hybrid, and on-premises), perform monitoring around the clock, standardize your systems, support enterprise applications, and more. Our main goal: perform services to help your business stay on track and save time and money.

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Cloud Consulting

You may not be completely ready to go all-in on the cloud. We understand! That is why Airnet offers IT and cloud consulting services, which includes a best practices framework called "Airnet Azure Foundations" to help you adopt the cloud in a way that greatly increases potential for success. Click below for more information on this methodology and get your business up and running in the cloud.


Cloud Assessment for IT Infrastructure

Airnet developed the Airnet Systems Assessment Tool™ (ASAT™) to generate a summary report of your current IT infrastructure costs, inventory, performance, end-of-life equipment details, and guidance on deploying cloud environments with the associated resource requirements.

We can assist you whether you are fully operating in a data center and have only considered using the cloud, deployed to a cloud environment and struggling to manage your applications or costs, or you land somewhere in between.


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