Airnet Systems Assessment Tool (ASAT) Prerequisite Information Form

Please carefully review the information contained in this form. 

Requirements Prior to Scheduling Your ASAT:

The ASAT configuration process usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour to get things started. It is agentless and self-running until the performance monitoring is completed. 

There are a few critical prerequisites for this process to be successful:

1. Ports to be opened for the tool:

     A. TCP Port 135 (Microsoft Endpoint Mapper)

     B. TCP Port 139 and 445 (NetBIOS Name Service and AD Service)

     C. UDP Ports 137 and 138 (NetBIOS Datagram Service)

2. Windows Firewall may require a specific exception for the data collection if Firewall is active.

3. WMI/Remote Registry enabled.

4. You will need AD domain admin-level credentials for the domain/machines being scanned.

5. You will need either SQL Windows credentials or SQL Native credentials for any SQL servers you would like to be scanned.

6. You will need SSH credentials if there are Unix machines that you would like to be scanned (that are not AD-connected).


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