Interested in the Cloud?Airnet is Here to Help!

Are you overwhelmed by the high costs & resource requirements of managing IT infrastructure assets? 

Airnet works with customers nationwide who have interest in the cloud but do not always know where to begin. We have migrated thousands of physical and virtual servers to the public cloud with hundreds of different use cases. Our approach is different for each customer and includes a customized plan for migrating to the cloud while also relying on our experience and the standardized processes we have developed to reduce your cost, migration time, and realize an immediate return on investment in the cloud. 

A Few Cloud Benefits:

  • Ability to Scale - The cloud can scale up or down depending on your needs, busy or slow times, etc.

  • Agility - Major changes coming in your business? The cloud increases your ability to make infrastructure changes on the fly.

  • Collaboration - Documents, files, and applications can be accessed from anywhere at any time by multiple people within an organization.

  • Disaster Recovery - Quality DR plans become reality for companies of all sizes because of the cloud's ability to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

  • Reduced Capital Expenditure - The cloud is generally more affordable than operating your own physical hardware or data center. Your operating and overhead costs reduce as well.

  • Remote Work Options - Working from anywhere is becoming much more common. This is largely due to the growth of the cloud.

  • Security - The cloud is secure, especially when it comes to remotely wiping laptops, accessing data when hardware fails, and more. (More Security Info)

Your organization should have the incentive to research and strongly consider migrating some or all of your IT workloads into the cloud. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you and discuss the benefits of the cloud, some customer successes we have had, and the potential framework for your cloud journey.

Customized Cloud Services

Airnet Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Increasingly, organizations are benefiting from hybrid deployments balancing public cloud and on-premises solutions. Hybrid deployments provide you with the flexibility to customize your infrastructure assets most appropriate for an on-premises framework while also focusing on those better suited for the cloud. This hybrid approach enables you to combine the performance and security of on-premises solutions with the cost savings and scalability of the Azure Cloud.

Benefits of the Hybrid Approach

  • Security of on-premises private clouds is appropriate for intensive data security requirements

  • High performance of mission-critical and resource-intensive applications such as large, fast SQL deployments

  • Reliability of dedicated, high-availability environments

  • Cost effectiveness of a smart hybrid deployment balancing public cloud deployments, such as backup storage, with mission critical on-premises deployments of physical SQL servers


Airnet Azure Foundations™

Airnet Azure Foundations is a best practices cloud migration methodology developed by Microsoft and Airnet, tailored to the basic needs of Azure customers, whether you are completely new to the cloud or would like to expand your current cloud use even further. Azure Foundations provides a support mechanism for your Azure migration, and it lays out a simple, easy-to-follow plan of execution for both dev/test and production environments that can scale up or down based on your requirements.

Benefits of Airnet Azure Foundations

  • Helps control the discovery process and reduces the complexity of migrations

  • Scales up or down based on customer needs, with on-demand availability

  • Automates much of the otherwise manual work needed to successfully deploy

  • Significantly reduces the amount of initial work and investment required to get Azure VMs up and running

  • Provides a secure, flexible Azure environment that is already structured and organized for you


Airnet Banner in Azure for Education

Airnet designs the infrastructure needed to host Ellucian's Banner solution in Azure. Banner, the #1 higher education ERP solution, is utilized by a majority of educational institutions. We assist you with mission-critical platforms for reducing costs and improving performance, backup, disaster recovery, and more. As a result, Airnet has explored and developed methodologies for migrating your Banner applications into the Azure cloud. If you are interested in discussing a "Banner in Azure" migration, please contact us below for a free, 1-hour consultation to learn how we can assist your organization.   

Benefits of Banner in Azure

  • Provides education customers with a world-class, highly available data center that is more secure and compliant than your existing on-premises data centers

  • Reduces dependence on hardware purchasing cycles and creates less hardware failure - saving costs as a result

  • Reduces cost of disaster recovery, business continuity, and production environments

  • Increases security and reliability to go above above and beyond specific audit requirements - see more info regarding Trust Center Security here

  • Provides greater flexibility of options for deploying versus on-premises architecture


Airnet Hands-Free Backup & Disaster Recovery

Airnet offers Azure Backup as our primary backup service offering. Along with deployment of the Azure service, we can manage and monitor this deployment for you. We can also provide troubleshooting, reporting, and flexible billing options through CSP based on your preferences.

We offer Azure Site Recovery (ASR) as our primary DR service offering. Along with deployment of the Azure service, we can manage and monitor this deployment for you. We can also provide troubleshooting, reporting, and flexible billing options through CSP based on your preferences. Additionally, we can offer quarterly or bi-annual testing of a predetermined number of your machines.


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