What is a Digital Partner of Record?

Purchasing Microsoft Cloud Services, such as Azure, Office 365, Windows Intune, or Dynamics CRM Online, qualify you to select a certified Microsoft Partner to be “tied” or “connected” to your account, this partner is called a Digital Partner of Record (DPOR). Assigning a Digital Partner of Record to Microsoft Cloud Services does not impact monthly subscription costs or services received directly from Microsoft. 

Getting More From Your Azure Investment

With Airnet Elevation DPOR, our team of experts will help you take your Azure and Microsoft Cloud Services to a new level. You’ll have experienced professionals proactively monitoring and managing Azure, looking for ways to maximize efficiency and utilization, increase productivity, and providing support throughout the lifecycle of services – 100% funded by Microsoft.*  

What’s Included In Airnet Elevation DPOR

This program is designed so Airnet Group can remain invested in your long-term success, leveraging the Microsoft Cloud Services you already own while keeping up with the constantly evolving services your Microsoft subscription provides.

Airnet Elevation Advisor
Speak with an expert from the Airnet Group team who knows your goals and can help you reach them.

Consumption Reviews
Get the level of support your organization needs to maximize results using Azure and Microsoft products. Airnet Group will work with your team to conduct quarterly consumption reviews to ensure solutions stay within the planned financial commitment to the cloud services.

Enhanced Support    
Benefit from working with a key Azure partner. Airnet Group DPOR customers can take advantage of enhanced support services that are only available through select Microsoft partners.

Azure Health Checks    
Keep your IT infrastructure healthy! As workloads are added to the cloud, the new components can have a negative impact on core services. Airnet Group will conduct a yearly check-up of your cloud and hybrid datacenter services to help ensure system stability and continued growth.

Microsoft Cloud Services News & Developments    
Stay current with Azure and Microsoft Cloud Services updates, including new features and functionality. Airnet Group will provide key information directly related to your services and make you aware of any critical changes or updates with potential impact to your business operations.

Designating a Digital Partner of Record

Designating a Digital Partner of Record allows the partner to proactively help monitor and manage services for maximizing returns on investment, achieving business outcomes, and providing support throughout the lifecycle of the service. DPORs are committed to ensuring the services provided are aligned to business goals. Microsoft will also look to this partner first if any service issues arise, helping you get back up to speed quickly. 

How to add a Digital Partner of Record:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Azure portal at https://account.windowsazure.us. 
  2. Log in your account using your user name and password. 
  3. Click on Account Center in the middle of the screen. 
  4. Click on Subscriptions to manage subscriptions.
  5. Select your subscription. 
  6. On the Summary Subscription Page, click on Partner Information on the right navigation. This is where you will attach your Partner of Record. 
  7. Input the partner’s Partner ID.
  8. Click Check ID to see the name of the partner. Verify you have selected the correct partner, and click the check box to completed assigning your Partner of Record. 
  9. Repeat steps 5 through 8 for each available subscription on which the partner will be assigned. Assigning the partner to all subscriptions will ensure they provide full support for your Azure tenant. 
  10. After you assign a Partner of Record, the partner will receive an email notification that lets them know that you have assigned, changed or removed your Partner of Record. 

To change or remove your Partner of Record

Following the steps outlined above, log into the Azure portal. 

  1. On the Summary Subscription Page, click on Partner Information on the right navigation. 
  2. Highlight the Partner of Record field and delete the Partner of Record shown in that field. 
  3. Click the check box. You have now removed the Partner of Record for this account and your subscription no longer has a Partner of Record. 

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