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Azure Storage for State & Local Government


Webinar: Azure Storage for State & Local Government

Join Microsoft and Airnet Group for a webinar covering Azure storage best practices for state and local governments.

We will review:

  • Types of storage

  • Storage security

  • Storage management

  • Storage monitoring


  1. Overview of Storage System Architecture Services in Azure

  2. Overview of storage system services

    • Disks, Files, Blobs, Tables, Queues

    • Managed and Unmanaged Disks

    • Access Tiers

    • Geo-Redundancy

  3. Accessing and Securing Storage Services in Azure

    • API Access

    • Encryption

    • Active Directory

    • Storage Keys

  4. Transferring Data

    • Migrating App Data

    • Disaster Recovery and Backup

  5. Pricing Overview

  6. SLG Use Cases


Federal [including Military], State, Local and Public Education
This is a Partner event where items of value, which will include food and beverage, will be available at no charge to attendees. Please check with your ethics counsel to verify that you are permitted to participate in this event and receive items that may be offered.

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