Airnet Azure Foundations (AAF) Prerequisite Information Form

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Requirements Prior to Setting Up Airnet Azure Foundations:

1. Airnet Azure Foundations assumes the customer has already set up their Azure tenant. 

2. The Enterprise Agreement (EA) Administrator must be available to create new Azure accounts.

2a. The User Account Administrator must be available to create new User Accounts in Azure. (This may be the same contact as the EA Admin.)

3. Customer should choose a primary region for deployment. A secondary region will be chosen based on the primary region's sister pair. Click the link for more information:

4. Customer should provide a short, three to four-character acronym that represents their organization. This will be used when naming accounts and deploying resources. 

5. Customer should identify an IP address range that is not currently defined on-premises. We recommend a /17 for each environment. For government customers, this translates to a /16; one /17 for Government Cloud and one for Commercial.


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