The Cloud Starts with a Solid Foundation - The Importance of Deploying Azure with a Fast, Secure Framework

They say that ‘a house is only as strong as its foundation.’ And most people probably agree due to a basic understanding of house construction or a personal experience repairing their own home’s foundation.

Can the same be said for the cloud? Airnet thinks so! We strongly believe that setting up Azure correctly the first time using available tools increases deployment speed, improves security, and makes the most business sense.

We developed Airnet Azure Foundations (AAF) to ensure companies new to the Azure cloud could start off on the right foot by picking the right machines (A, B, D series, etc.), sizing them correctly, ensuring top-notch security, and keeping deployments quick and manageable.

Why is this important to you? Well, there’s the technical viewpoint, where AAF allows our technical team to deploy a fully secure and standardized Azure environment for current and future needs. Then there’s the business/financial side - where we can do all of this affordably in just one meeting (time is money, after all). Recently we deployed a new customer into Azure with everything they needed to create new VMs and services in an hour and a half!

What does an AAF deployment look like? Contact our sales team for detailed information, but at a high level, Airnet Azure Foundations is a pre-architected framework with no complicated planning steps designed to deploy Azure in one meeting. AAF streamlines the process in a standardized way, incorporating redundant Azure regions including security-hardened production, high business impact, pre-production, production, storage, and more. By the end of an AAF deployment, which requires only a remote meeting, customers receive all required subscriptions (sandbox, services, dev-test, production), segmented infrastructure, core network infrastructure, and resource groups.  

A high-level visual overview of Azure Foundations for commercial and government organizations.

A high-level visual overview of Azure Foundations for commercial and government organizations.

We recognize that not all customers or industries have the same requirements. When AAF is paired with the Airnet Systems Assessment Tool (ASAT) which collects data on your costs, inventory, and performance based on over 55 system metrics, the power of AAF is truly enhanced and the output can be tailored to the specific needs of any organization. We also constantly develop ways to increase security and performance that consider compliance and other industry-specific needs for industries like the financial sector, healthcare, and insurance providers.  

When exploring the use of the Azure cloud, consider deployment using a trusted methodology, developed together with Microsoft and supported by Airnet, to make your foundation strong and increase cloud success as you continue to build your IT for the 21st century. Because as they say, your IT infrastructure is only as strong as your cloud foundation.

We are very interested in your thoughts and comments on building a solid cloud foundation with a solution like Airnet Azure Foundations. Please comment below! -EB