Comparing Human Health to Your IT Systems Health

Few people like going to the doctor. But they tend to understand a doctor visit has helped after they’ve received a clean bill of health, or conversely, after they’ve learned about something they need to have further investigated. Even then, the initial doctor visit has proven its value. Your doctor’s assessment of your health identifies common issues in the human body that could indicate a certain level of “normal” or “abnormal”. And if something is “off” you expect to learn what can be done about it.

In some ways, the IT systems our customers manage are much like the human body. They indicate overall health and performance ability of their IT infrastructure. If you visually assess a human being, it’s impossible to tell if that person is perfectly healthy. If you look for a green blinking light on a server, you cannot always know if that server is set up for optimum performance or speed.

The Airnet Systems Assessment Tool (ASAT) was created to be the IT ‘physical exam’ when assessing IT infrastructure. Its primary function is to assess and identify the most common sets of data, information, trends, and more to provide a snapshot of the IT systems your organization has, how they are currently performing, and what they cost. Airnet serves as the ‘doctor’ in this analogy. We have performed hundreds of assessments for companies with ten servers, all the way to those with thousands. Once we get the results (diagnosis), we can help you make decisions (write a prescription) that help you improve the health and efficiency of your IT systems, either through migrating completely to the cloud or by assessing hybrid options and potentially reducing cost significantly.

If you think there might be something wrong with your health, you generally go to the doctor. Or you don’t! If you do go to the doctor at least you know one way or another if there is a problem. If you do not, well – you may find out too late. The ASAT can usually be provided to customers for low or sometimes NO cost. Take the time to discover whether the problems are all in your head, or whether they are in your hardware.

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