Using Data to Make Informed Cloud Decisions

With the advent of the cloud no longer in its infancy it is not a question of should we move to the cloud, more a question of when and what.

The cloud has allowed IT professionals to move from being reactive with mundane tasks like maintenance and updates, to being proactive with a focus on supporting business growth. So why aren’t more companies making the transition? While all the logic to make the move may exist, IT decision makers may still be overwhelmed at the prospect, drowning in disparate systems information, with a seemingly insurmountable number of decisions to make and steps to take to reach cloud nirvana.

Download our Using Data to Make Informed Cloud Decisions case study or keep reading below to see how an Airnet Systems Assessment Tool has provided clarity for our clients during the investigative stages of their cloud migration journeys.

Benefits of an Assessment


With a custom ASAT report IT decision makers have the data necessary to make informed plans beyond which workloads are logical choices for migration to the cloud. Information in your ASAT report is also useful for on-prem optimization and annual IT budgeting.

An inventory of all network, server hardware and operating systems.

Have a complete and thorough picture of everything that’s running. A complete inventory can help you identify all workloads. This detailed inventory has even helped identify shadow IT. 

Active directory audit.

Improve the performance of active directory with the details from the ASAT by identifying orphan entries. Orphans often occur as organizations create or move objects, causing performance issues such as increased login times, DNS errors, and using more server resources than necessary. With the data from the ASAT you can get rid of your orphan entries, improving the function of active directory.

Detailed performance data from more than 55 system metrics.


Manage your infrastructure with knowlege, with the ability to make changes or earmark budgets with hard data and insight into your systems. Know how hard your servers are working with system metrics such as CPU utilization, network utilization, disk IOPS, and memory utilization. 

Right-sizing recommendations.

Become more efficient with actionable right-sizing recommendations for each server. Most companies have more than 80% of their on-prem resources overprovisioned. Right-sizing recommendations can help optimize your current setup as well as save potential future hardware purchases. Identifying under- or overprovisioned servers can even help reduce application complaints, improving system efficiency and your end-user’s productivity.


At Airnet, we come to work every day because we want to reduce the stress, confusion and security concerns most IT decision makers have when making the transition to a cloud-based solution. We know you’re struggling with a lack of time, budget and other resources. On top of that, keeping up with the constant change in the cloud technology stack can be overwhelming. Our mission at Airnet is to make your transition to the cloud and life in the cloud as efficient, reliable, secure and transparent as possible. Contact us today to get your ASAT report, and start making the case to transition your team from project maintenance to business growth.