Automated Cloud Scalability for a Seasonal Business

Business Need: Application Hosting
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Since 1995 Bridgetree has worked with customers in retail, healthcare, insurance and more. From data management support and analytics, to web-based applications, Bridgetree’s nearly 150 data scientists deliver quantifiable results for some of the savviest global consumer brands.


Bridgetree was challenged with improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the infrastructure they had in place for two of their premiere software solutions.

As a provider of software for political campaigns, Bridgetree required exceptional capacity and availability of their infrastructure during election season, without the financial drain of that capacity during off-season. With a fast approaching election season, they did not have time to re-engineer their software, and needed an alternative solution that would improve responsiveness for users.


Bridgetree engaged Airnet Group, a Gold Cloud Platform Microsoft Partner, to evaluate and propose alternatives for a flexible and scalable solution that optimized cost and performance during peak season and didn’t incur excessive costs during low-season.

Using our knowledge of their systems and our experience with infrastructure hosting, we proposed three options that would meet their needs during a critical business year. Bridgetree opted for a hybrid IaaS/PaaS solution in Microsoft Azure. Doing a proof of concept in Azure, which included running synthetic load tests using real data, allowed the switch to be made quickly with minimal downtime and had Bridgetree ready in time for campaign season. In less than two months, Airnet had setup a proof of concept environment, tested the elasticity of the proposed architecture and made the switch to Azure. The switch from AWS to Azure incurred no downtime for Bridgetree’s software users.


With their unpredictable business needs and a faster than anticipated start to the political season, Bridgetree was able to have the infrastructure in place and ready to meet their clients’ needs, providing a seamless user experience.

Using Azure Web Apps enabled Bridgetree to optimize the availability of their web app on a per unit basis, with more scalability and elasticity than their previous cloud solution. Now the number of instances of Bridgetree’s web apps are automatically adjusted for seasonality, going from 6.2 million user requests over a weekend in peak season to as few as 100,000 user requests in off-season. Additionally, their SQL input/output (IOPS) storage environment now easily handles their user demand. The throughput of the Azure networking and storage subsystems has greatly enhanced Bridgetree’s ability to service their user requests with much smaller SQL VM requirements than their previous hosting environment.


Rather than the frequent manual intervention previously required, Airnet has setup Bridgetree’s Azure environment to automatically scale the number of servers based on historical trends of use, saving them unnecessary overhead costs and undue stress on administrators, and allowing them to reach this many voters seamlessly.

Bridgetree estimates that this political season, using these web apps, they will have 1-to-1 interactions with nearly 60 million voters. Included in their service from Airnet, Bridgetree receives insights that will allow their engineering team to continue to optimize their software and data, as well as forecast their expected costs, and offering ways to further eliminate waste.