Test Your MAC vs MAG Tenant Knowledge

What of these four types of data shouldn't be stored in a MAG tenant?


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If you answered number 1, “Purchasing data,” then you are correct!

Using a MAG (Microsoft Azure Government) tenant to store data that is NOT subject to government regulations and requirements reduces the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your Azure environment.

Examples of data subject to government regulations and requirements that would need to be in a MAG tenant include: FedRAMP, NIST 800.171 (DIB), ITAR, IRS 1075, DoD L4, and CJIS.

Examples of data that is probably not subject to those regulations and requirements and would be more cost effective in MAC (Microsoft Azure Commercial) tenant include data such as purchasing, personnel and inventory data.

Airnet can help you decide if you should be using a MAC or a MAG tenant.